It is the continuing policy of Oak Royal to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and others such as members of the public, contractors and visitors who may be affected by our business operations.

The discharge of these duties will be given at least equal priority to those of other objectives for commercial success and customer service.

The group aims to provide and maintain throughout all of its operations the highest practical health and safety standards in accordance with all relevant legal requirements and guidance.

The General Manager through the delegated duties of the management team has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of all employees and others who may be affected by the company’s operations.

While the management of the Group will do all that is within its powers to ensure the health and safety of its employees, it is also recognised that each and every individual associated with the company must fulfil their own obligations under the law to look after the health and safety of themselves and those who work with them as well as our guests.

Health and safety management is a key line management responsibility. Line managers are charged with taking ownership of health and safety management, for ensuring that is an integral part of how they and their department operates and accepting that it is a core part of the general management function.

It is the duty of each employee to take reasonable care of their own and other people’s welfare and to report any situation which may pose a threat to the wellbeing of any other person.

The primary objectives of this policy are;

  • To ensure through risk assessment, that all activities and locations are reviewed and hazards either removed or controlled to enable safe working conditions
  • To ensure that all plant and equipment provided is safe, fit for purpose and suitably maintained
  • To ensure staff are fully trained in their responsibilities and give all appropriate information, training, and supervision in their tasks such that it allows them to undertake such tasks in a safe manner
  • To ensure regular and effective consultation is achieved through regular health and safety meetings held internally
  • To investigate all accidents and develop action plans to prevent recurrences

This policy will be regular reviewed or as and when new legislation and or guidance dictates it is otherwise necessary. Where required from the above, updates will be made